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September 14, 2010

International Affairs

Just this weekend, I was... Well, what is a nicer word than accosted? Oh, let's say fell into a discussion with an anti-choice ("Pro-life") petitioning group. This will get on topic quickly, I promise.

Backstory, you know, abortion has been completely and unrestrictedly legal in Canada for two decades, and we're still above certain more restricted countries on quality of life. While there was some scuffles over this, it went largely uncontested across the late 1990s and early 2000's. However, a surge of concern over it has arisen in recent years, with the USA's continuing debates giving a stepping stone for Canadian concern trolling. Coincidentally, a raising of globalization and internet occurs at the same time.

I do not wish to sound isolationist, after all, I too am a citizen of the internet, but I must wonder upon the reliance of American influence to spur Canadian action. We are inherently a reactionary country, economics-wise, since so much of our economy relies on American imports and exports. If people had a problem with it, why would they wait until America made a guffaw to do anything? Our reliance has also spurred us, with jolly old Harper, into a very Pro-American seeming stance on the international stage. I've recently been out of country, we don't get as warm a reception as we used to, and this is one of the primary causes.

I really think that this trend should be reversed, and Canadian culture saved a bit, the most ideal way to do so would be to establish stronger bonds with the European Union, economically, as well as increase our news sources. Increase our globalization into these areas, get their news, their viewpoints, their products. Asia as well, can't be ignored. We are a huge country with overseas access to pretty much the entire world. We should use it, and perhaps be able to maintain a semblance of our culture of peace, mediation, and open invitation to the world as the place where everyone is welcome and anyone can be successful, and not merely another Melting Pot America Clone.

As always, please, tell me your thoughts, I'll gladly chat in the comments on your views on this.


  1. That's fine. To each their own. It was mostly a segue point, though.