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August 31, 2010

A Unified Vision

I mentioned earlier about finding a focus for this blog, as all the most successful ones have a singular focus. In this regard, I have chosen to focus in on Canadian matters, both financial and political. I'll still be checking out the money-making myths, of course (only $1.50 so far from the surveys, by the by), but the majority of my posting will be thoughts on our government as well as taxes and the economy. My blog will, for the time being, retain its current name of Lost Scholar, as I'm rather attached to it, but will have this newfound focus.

Unfortunately, this probably means no more comparing Pokemon to KFC... Okay, maybe once in a while. :)

As another note, though I will be writing this from a Canadian perspective (I can't really do it any other way), I encourage other nationalities to look on through. Some things, if I go into taxes or whatnot, probably won't apply to you, however we are becoming more and more a global economy: ACTA (if it unfortunately passes), NAFTA, the British Commonwealth, the UN, the WTO, most multinationals, Canada is more widely involved in global economies than likely any other country. Economics here reflect upon or are reflected upon by the world markets.

And since this post was rather bland, here's a fun economics tidbit: More oil comes to the United States from Canada than from the Middle East. I've got a google search bar right above this post if you don't believe me.


August 29, 2010

Fixing some issues

Oh yes, also, I removed the need to do a reCaptcha each time a comment is posted. I really find those irritating, but please don't take advantage of that kindness.

Have a great evening!

Why "Lost Scholar"?

The name "Lost Scholar" should invoke certain images and ideas when read: Accomplishment without accomplishment, success without success. I'm only beginning my career, still finishing school, no love life, and job searching in the market of broken dreams. A bachelor with a bachelor's is just a guy with a piece of paper. It is purpose that drives people to success. It is direction that forces humans into a better way of living. I have some direction, I am not hopeless, but with regards to life, goals, love, these are things that I simply do not spend enough time on. I may have direction in business, in taxes, in money, but to love, I am an amateur. To knowledge, in all its vast and infinite scope, I am but a dilettante, dabbling here and there, a jack of many trades, a king of none (though a joker of a few :p ).

Though it may sound a bleak picture, it really is not so: Knowing that I do not know, much like some Buddhist philosophy, is a rather exciting thought: I still have my youth, and seeing all the possibilities to experiment and learn, it can be awful or awesome, really, all depending on the lighting. :) I ask any of my readers, do you have direction? Going west young man, or just down south? :) Either way, take a moment now, I think, and reflect. Being lost can be an interesting thing: the landscape is always new, and there are still places to explore.

Though a mind that is completely open tends to fall out, I try to at least keep mine air-permeable. I'd love to hear your thoughts on your directions.

Another thing I suppose I should clear up now and get it out of the way: A few of my posts will be about my religious preference: none. I am an atheist, until burden of proof is satisfied. In this sense, "Lost Scholar" is a bit of an ironically chosen name, since of course, anyone who can't describe their beliefs in a single word is clearly a single word: Lost. Excusing the multi-faceted post, as this will devolve into a rant a bit, I never really understood such a sentiment. Perhaps it is my lack of knowledge of all the mythos out there, I really only read the stories for their occasional poetry segments, but I cannot really understand why "Lost" is such a negative word. As I mentioned above, it means I am ready to learn new things. Unless, of course, they mean "lost" as the personal possession sense, but I would hope people are past laying claim to other people as property in this day and age.

Admittedly, this admittance is likely to solicit some hostile responses. I've noticed on a few humanist websites I visit that such things can have people riled up. But keeping it civil, I love to discuss anything, even politics and religion, and, since I am always learning, I will hope any commenters extend the same courtesy: I hope you all can become a bit lost with me, unless I've lost some of you, and we can explore this strange world together. Wow that sounds really cheesy. How about "We can work as a team to better our knowledge of life, the universe, and everything"? Nah, too long.

It seems my first quest has arisen! Commeters: I need a less cheesy way to say that last line! Any advice helps! Hopefully I haven't scared too many people off.

tl;dr: Should I add a tl;dr to longer posts such as these ones?

August 28, 2010

On my Profile Picture

Now you may have noticed I use a Team Rocket member, customized and edited, as my profile picture. For those unfamiliar with video games, they're a mafia-eske org that aims to abuse animals (pokemon) to gain wealth.

So why such a bad organization as a mascot?

Thinking deeper is the key. Reflection. While they work with animal cruelty, hurt others and are headed by petty and mean people, you need to think, they're really just like everyone else in the "Real" world. They do what they can to make ends meet. Their CEO disappears, and they put forth vast assets to find him, assuming the worst. They care about their employees. Humans first. Money next. Morals and animals later. They struck a chord in that they were just like a real corporation in a veritable fantasy world. It caused me to think about how the world stands that a video game can take basically KFC, and use it as the shadowy and evil organization you must take down.

But even more so, it started out as an animal shelter, well, an animal orphanage. In the desire to aid more, they needed more money. They lost their way. It is a harsh reminder that all of us really are Team Rocket. The worst of outcomes come from the best of intentions. Make sure you never fall into that trap.

I promise I'll have some cohesive thoughts soon. Status update on the survey thing, by the by, I have filled out for three survey sites, and completed their requirements. I will see if anything surfaces over the next week or two, and keep you posted on the ones that are honest or good, if any.

August 27, 2010


Well, here's a bit about me. Figure I might as well get it out of the way.

I'm a Brock University (Canada) accounting student, Beta-Gamma-Sigma qualified, dean's honour roll the whole way through. Not bad, eh? The purpose of this blog will be one part random musings on the ways of the world, and one part, since honesty is a core part of accountancy, a test to see if a few money-making "scams" on the internet are actually viable. Then one day I might actually be able to take a Vacation. Maybe Mexico, though Europe is looking better and better these days. Get to see some castles in Germany or something.

This week, I'm signing up for a few survey sites, and I am going to see how those work out. In these hard economic times, one's gotta check all the bases, so I'll see if there's any truth to these things, and get it back to you! Consultation, maybe, and kinda half investigative reporting as well. We shall see.

Eventually this blog will dual out into some of my thoughts on science, religion, and technology, as well as a bit on politics, and maybe some Japanese culture (since I used to head up the Anime Club at Brock) but for now I'll be focusing on what I'm good at: Money. And taxes. If any of my, what, one or two readers, are Canadian and would like some help, ask, I might just know the answer. Still learning, though! I might be able to tutor people a tiny bit, but professional help I ain't. Still, you never know just how much education you've gotten until you're tested on it, so ask away!

Thanks, hope you guys enjoy reading!