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September 16, 2010

The Time Value of Money

This is just a little thing I was discussing with a few other students, and thought it may be interesting enough to put up here. There is a saying, "Time is Money", I'm pretty sure its a widespread saying, of course, meaning that time is a valuable resource. Well, not everyone's time. I have had people insult me saying I take too long, time is money, and when I ask what profit-making job were they slacking off from to talk to me, they say they're off work, or unemployed, or whatnot. So not everyone's Time is as valuable as others, and even then, Time has peak hours of value.

So Time is a function of money, though not a straight-line equation. Of course, if reduced mathematically, anything that is related is also inversely, and reversely, related as well. Thus, "Money is Time". I looked a bit up, and for the most part, this is pretty true. Richer countries tend to have longer life expectancies, even if they retire at the same age. People can spend money at hospitals to get better, or at therapists to avoid psychoses, and eat healthier if they've the money to afford good food. Therefore, a funny catch-22 is created: To be able to live longer so you can do more things with your life, you need to work and lose out on your time in order to get money.

Yeah, this is kind of random, but I guess all life is here to make dollars, not cents. (Sorry for the pun)


  1. On some countries your time is worth a lot less sadly

  2. You should be ashamed of that pun! :)
    I think the Catch-22 you mentioned is responsible for a lot of burnout in people today.

  3. The trick is to eat and live healthy, then you don't have to spend money on health care (hopefully). My addiction to fat and sugar is proving to be a serious obstacle to this in practice.

  4. im impressed with your post!

  5. A penny for your thoughts, but you put your two cents in. Somebody's making a penny.

    -Mitch Hedberg