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August 29, 2010

Why "Lost Scholar"?

The name "Lost Scholar" should invoke certain images and ideas when read: Accomplishment without accomplishment, success without success. I'm only beginning my career, still finishing school, no love life, and job searching in the market of broken dreams. A bachelor with a bachelor's is just a guy with a piece of paper. It is purpose that drives people to success. It is direction that forces humans into a better way of living. I have some direction, I am not hopeless, but with regards to life, goals, love, these are things that I simply do not spend enough time on. I may have direction in business, in taxes, in money, but to love, I am an amateur. To knowledge, in all its vast and infinite scope, I am but a dilettante, dabbling here and there, a jack of many trades, a king of none (though a joker of a few :p ).

Though it may sound a bleak picture, it really is not so: Knowing that I do not know, much like some Buddhist philosophy, is a rather exciting thought: I still have my youth, and seeing all the possibilities to experiment and learn, it can be awful or awesome, really, all depending on the lighting. :) I ask any of my readers, do you have direction? Going west young man, or just down south? :) Either way, take a moment now, I think, and reflect. Being lost can be an interesting thing: the landscape is always new, and there are still places to explore.

Though a mind that is completely open tends to fall out, I try to at least keep mine air-permeable. I'd love to hear your thoughts on your directions.

Another thing I suppose I should clear up now and get it out of the way: A few of my posts will be about my religious preference: none. I am an atheist, until burden of proof is satisfied. In this sense, "Lost Scholar" is a bit of an ironically chosen name, since of course, anyone who can't describe their beliefs in a single word is clearly a single word: Lost. Excusing the multi-faceted post, as this will devolve into a rant a bit, I never really understood such a sentiment. Perhaps it is my lack of knowledge of all the mythos out there, I really only read the stories for their occasional poetry segments, but I cannot really understand why "Lost" is such a negative word. As I mentioned above, it means I am ready to learn new things. Unless, of course, they mean "lost" as the personal possession sense, but I would hope people are past laying claim to other people as property in this day and age.

Admittedly, this admittance is likely to solicit some hostile responses. I've noticed on a few humanist websites I visit that such things can have people riled up. But keeping it civil, I love to discuss anything, even politics and religion, and, since I am always learning, I will hope any commenters extend the same courtesy: I hope you all can become a bit lost with me, unless I've lost some of you, and we can explore this strange world together. Wow that sounds really cheesy. How about "We can work as a team to better our knowledge of life, the universe, and everything"? Nah, too long.

It seems my first quest has arisen! Commeters: I need a less cheesy way to say that last line! Any advice helps! Hopefully I haven't scared too many people off.

tl;dr: Should I add a tl;dr to longer posts such as these ones?

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