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August 28, 2010

On my Profile Picture

Now you may have noticed I use a Team Rocket member, customized and edited, as my profile picture. For those unfamiliar with video games, they're a mafia-eske org that aims to abuse animals (pokemon) to gain wealth.

So why such a bad organization as a mascot?

Thinking deeper is the key. Reflection. While they work with animal cruelty, hurt others and are headed by petty and mean people, you need to think, they're really just like everyone else in the "Real" world. They do what they can to make ends meet. Their CEO disappears, and they put forth vast assets to find him, assuming the worst. They care about their employees. Humans first. Money next. Morals and animals later. They struck a chord in that they were just like a real corporation in a veritable fantasy world. It caused me to think about how the world stands that a video game can take basically KFC, and use it as the shadowy and evil organization you must take down.

But even more so, it started out as an animal shelter, well, an animal orphanage. In the desire to aid more, they needed more money. They lost their way. It is a harsh reminder that all of us really are Team Rocket. The worst of outcomes come from the best of intentions. Make sure you never fall into that trap.

I promise I'll have some cohesive thoughts soon. Status update on the survey thing, by the by, I have filled out for three survey sites, and completed their requirements. I will see if anything surfaces over the next week or two, and keep you posted on the ones that are honest or good, if any.


  1. Followed and clicked

  2. No need to click, man. I know the support is nice, but I'm just ranting here for now, eh? Wait until I'm a bit more awesome. :)

  3. If KFC start organising cockfights between miniature dragons and oversized bugs, I'll start going.